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Menifee County Kentucky

Step back in time and explore the rich history of Frenchburg and Menifee County. Our community was named after Richard H. Menefee, who served as both a Commonwealth Attorney and a U.S. Representative. Although his life was tragically cut short, Menefee's legacy lives on in our town and the surrounding area, inspiring us to strive for greatness.



Red River Gorge

Looking for an outdoor adventure? Look no further than the Red River Gorge in Menifee County. With world-class hiking, kayaking, camping, fishing, and rock climbing, there's no shortage of adventure to be had. From glamping to cozy cabins, and air B & B, there's a variety of options for lodging. At the Frenchburg/Menifee County Chamber of Commerce, we're proud to promote all of the amazing outdoor experiences that Menifee County has to offer. Come and see for yourself why Menifee County is the ultimate destination for outdoor adventure.


Cave Run Lake

Cave Run Lake is the perfect destination for anyone who enjoys being on or near the water, regardless of whether you’re seeking adventure or just relaxation. Our lake spans over four counties and covers 8270 acres, providing unlimited recreational opportunities. We offer many exciting water activities, including sailboats, houseboats, skiing, jet skiing, and tubing. Additionally, kick back and fish while enjoying the beautiful scenery. For a land-based adventure, hike our nature trails, or go horseback riding. We also have a beautiful full-service marina - Long Bow Marina.



Daniel Boone Natural Forest

Explore the natural beauty of Menifee County, Kentucky, and surrounding areas with Danial Boone Natural Forest. With such a vast area of national forest system lands under our management, we take great pride in providing visitors to the area with an incredible range of recreational opportunities. Whether you're planning on pitching a tent and experiencing the great outdoors or you want to challenge yourself with some rope climbing, our forest has something for everyone. Our 600 miles of trails make it possible for you to discover your love for nature in eastern Kentucky.


Broke Leg Falls

Nestled charmingly along a mountainous backdrop, Broke Leg Falls boasts stunning natural beauty. Our awe-inspiring 60 ft falls are just the beginning. Hiking enthusiasts will love our trails, which offer stunning views of our waterfalls and lush forests. Take in the breathtaking scenery, spend some time with native wildlife, and enjoy the outdoors. Although the falls suffered greatly from a tornado in 2012, our location still provides visitors with a serene ambiance amidst the splendor of our cascading falls and natural views.

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